Lace & Denim


Soft Denim &

Sheer lace

A fresh way of wearing lace casually; pair it with your favorite H&M Jeans!  Super simple and Chic, this look can be converted from an every day with flats to night out with heels!

  Lace will undeniably always carry a level of sophistication and class with it, its the textile of choice for wedding dresses, your grandmas expensive table cloths and now your go to key outfit piece. While the trend of all denim was super popular in the mid 90s, we somehow lost the war to leggings in the past 5 years but its coming back in new waves for us Britney and Justin fans. Try mixing jeans with a blue top, giving it the look with out going over board. Breaking it up with a sheer lace undershirt and lace booties gave it that needed sex appeal.