Layering In All The Right Ways

Laying has always and will always be my favorite styling method- I grab inspiration from many different channels- whether it be celebrities, bloggers or runway looks, its one thing that never seems to leave the court. I have a love for delicate jewelry and the effect it brings to my every day looks- statement pieces are best left for nights out or special occasions in my book, and even that I’m weary to venture out.


I keep three simple necklace pieces on me at all times- if you’re not familiar with the “Rules of three's” then heres a side lesson:

In writing- a trio of events or characters will always be more humorous, satisfying and effective.

In Spirituality - the energy you give to someone will be returned to that person three times.

and in Survival- you can survive 3 minutes with out air, 3 hours with out shelter in harsh climates and 3 days with out water.

So how does this tie into personal style? Keep things in threes! Whether it be patterns or textures try to keep it contained to a maximum of three, this way looks stay cohesive and clean.

I layer my personal pieces with all of this in mind:



  1. Chocker pieces are alway’s fun, but can turn grunge real fast- the piece I wear is from, let alone it’s the cutest, daintiest piece but the girls behind the magic are so sweet! A real love for all their jewelry they create and it shows through their work; the chocker is called “Grace- The Stone Chocker” and it comes in gold plated or sterling silver. I’ve always been a lover of gold and the vintage feels it carries and this one hasn’t left my neck.

[shop directly through bolded font]


Religious pieces are important to me and keeping them close to my heart gives me a feeling of warmth on the daily. This pendant is the symbol of the virgin Mary- a significant model in my culture and personal catholic religion. Bought on - They always have daily or weekly deals ranging from 15%-40% off!

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 12.42.40 PM.png

This last piece holds a special meaning to me- the “A” represents an angel that my family has looking over us and someone we lost too soon. This necklace never leaves my neck, along with the children’s cross attached to it too. The letter pendant was bought from!

Whether you’re a jewelry person or not a few good staples are key for any wardrobe. Mine hold sentimental value and have meaning for me, leaving me with a smile on my face every time I look in the mirror or see a photograph.

Very best,

The Sunday Editorial- Valbona