Summers in Northern Michigan

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Summer feels every time the temperature hits over 75 degrees; what more is needed then sand, theMichigans great lakes and skin drenched sun rays!

I'm one to always show out on the beach with accessories and what not, and this past memorial weekend was no exception. Big beach bags, funky colored sandals and of course flowing coverups to shield my porcelain skin from the sun! While im a big advocate for protecting your skin from the sun and layering on SPF, this  memorial day I gave my usually porcelain skin a break and let my inner olive complexion come out. A clean linen cover up paired with a  funky bag and colored sandals gave me the look I was trying to achieve this past weekend, hope you all had a safe and fun memorial day!

Love always,

The Sunday Editorial 

BAG- TJMaxx 

Sandals- Zara (click for direct link!)

Cover up- C & C California